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Waterborne paint anti Paste

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The product uses environmentally friendly materials, rich colors. Can prevent psoriasis advertising, graffiti painting, small advertisements. Effectively improve the cityscape appearance. Graffiti Luantie "urban psoriasis" is not only pervasive, but difficult to handle. According to statistics, a person chaotic post one hour, eight workers need continuous cleaning eight hours previously for the "psoriasis" is cleaning blade eradication, paint, painted cement were mainly operating efficiency is not high, the resulting cityscape enormous human and material resources departments consumption. To solve this problem, I produced a multi-functional, environmentally friendly water within a multi-purpose anti-pasted exterior wall paint. Detected by the National Science and Technology Center has reached the leading domestic, can roller, brush in a variety of urban facilities, the surface of the building, easy to deal with "psoriasis." 
Features a: 
Superior anti-paste function, stickers, paste and other small ad easy to glue, even glue, you can easily tear, so you no longer worry for the removal of fresh leather. 
Features two: 
Super scrub, hydrophobic and oleophobic, strong self-cleaning ability, stains wash that off, the walls are always bright as new. 
Features three: 
Glossy soft, waterproof, mildew, good adhesion, weather resistance. 
Features four: 
Affordable, easy construction, with water as the medium to dilute, environmental non-toxic.
Construction method: roller, brush, over molding. Dilution ratio: 0-5% 
Scope: schools, hotels clubs, bridges, walls, offices, luxury apartments, villas, effectively reducing the cost of cleaning public places.
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