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Oily anti-paste coating

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Composition: fluorosilicone modified low surface energy resin, nano-materials, pigments, additives and solvents such as paint dubbed the two-component coating composition and curing agent composition. 
Features: prominent anti-paste performance: After coating dry, use glue, paste, paste stickers and other small ads have a certain "self Alice sex", easy to peel; lower surface properties: the coating surface feel smooth, friction is small; variety of colors: a variety of color and gloss to choose from; excellent chemical resistance properties: water, acid, alkali, salt water resistance, heat resistance, salt spray performance is particularly prominent; excellent workability : epoxy, polyurethane, acrylic, amino, and other primer has good adhesion; excellent anti-aging properties: accelerated aging 1000H, no powder coating, no cracks, no peeling; 
Construction diversification: The product can be dried at room temperature, can also be dried at room temperature, can also be forced drying temperature, the construction can be spray, roller, brush and other means. 
Uses: used to control Luantie graffiti, urban governance, "psoriasis", to facilitate urban amenity management; chemical companies, such as coastal and offshore heavy-duty, high-grade easy to clean cookware coatings and reduce friction and other fields.
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