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Anti-graffiti coating

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Child-friendly habit of random graffiti, home decoration and cleaning is the most difficult problem, as parents do not want to restrict a child's creative inspiration and innocence, but after the destruction of the wall graffiti have a real impact on the aesthetics of home ordinary latex paint is not enough to resist the strong penetration of watercolor pens and other pollutants. Division I according to child sexual graffiti-day habit has developed a water-based targeted anti-graffiti coating, the product has superior anti-fouling ability, crayon, pencil, watercolor pens, highlighters and other water pollutants have very good results , while maintaining the clean walls without affecting the child's creative freedom, sense. 
A Product Features 
Within a common exterior, waterproof, low odor. 
2 Super tolerance capabilities, clean simple and requires only water, detergent or toothpaste can easily erase the stains. 
3 super scrub, rub. 
Four lotus effect, hydrophobic and oleophobic, self-cleaning ability. 
5 using soft techniques, soft gloss, does not affect vision. 
Two construction 
A construction method: roller, brush 
2 Construction Technology: Construction 1-2 in the ordinary latex paint can be recommended twice better. 
Three dilution ratio 
Four brushing area 
11-13㎡ / KG / times
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