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Subway station "transparent clothes" anti-small ads

2014/10/9      view:
(Reporter Liu crown) stickers like the small ads, breathe and lost children. Yesterday, the Metro Line 4 Majiabao station put "transparent clothes", completely combat the "City of psoriasis." 
As of now, Metro Line 4 station has been completed, Renmin University of Northwestern mouth (A1 mouth), southwest of the mouth (D mouth), Community West Bridge Station northeast port (B port), southwest of the mouth (D mouth), Majiabao station Xibeikou (A port), southeast of the mouth (C interface), Zoo Station Northwest ports (A port), southwest of the mouth (D port) 8 steel facades small advertising kiosks ground clearance and spraying anti-graffiti paint job. This is also the city's first use of technological means rail transport, sniper small ads. 
"Give a station wear 'transparent clothes', it takes about three days time." Preferred to wear "transparent clothing," the four stations are small ads flooding the hardest hit, who stand outside the metal facade covered with a variety of small ads . "First, we want to clean up these ads, then partially rusted or chipped paint repair, and finally on this anti-paste paint brush." Reporters in Majiabao station C estuary, carefully observed, brush off the outer vertical from the appearance of the surface is not any change in touch with ordinary metal texture is also the same, but there will be from near a pungent taste.