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My anti-graffiti paint can

2014/10/9      view:
2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, Sun readers to call our hotline, called him after a long experiment, developed an effective anti-graffiti and stickers small ads transparent coatings. 
3 pm, reporters saw the mountain near the Baiyun Sun, when he is showing he developed a new type of paint to the masses. 
This coating colorless and transparent, at first glance looks like a transparent paint, painted cement wall will soon dry. On a good pre-painted wall paint, using spray paint on top Sun wrote a big "0", strange is not only inward penetration of spray paint, but also soon crust off. See everyone there are doubts, Sun has come up with a oily pen, writing on the wall a few times at random, after dry, gently rub with a damp cloth, no traces. Then he took out a front glass coated paint, two stickers affixed at both sides, the front goes simply can not stick, but could not complete the back goes torn. 
According to Sun reports, he was a chemical plant workers. See small ads and graffiti increasingly seriously undermine the cityscape, he decided to develop a preventive "graffiti" paint. After six months more than a thousand times the experiment, this coating has finally developed. Sun said that this coating can be easily painted on walls, steel and fiberglass, but it is difficult to adhere to the glass, through his many experiments, modifying the recipe, the ultimate solution to these problems. 
When a reporter asks Sun if you want to apply for a patent, he said it would not. "This kind of thing should be universal as soon as possible, the only way to effectively control the graffiti." Sun said with a smile, paint can add color, painted in a range of wall three meters high. Thus, even if someone graffiti stickers advertising, as long as you can wipe with water. Currently, his greatest wish is to have units funded, let this anti-graffiti coating to promote this way, graffiti and small ads have no place to live. 
Anti-graffiti paint, anti-paste coating