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Urumqi: Cityscape Authority coup remediation small ads

2014/10/9      view:
August 19, Urumqi High-tech Zone (new downtown) sanitation workers Mohammad Shah according mention demo coated with anti-paste paint poles and paste a small ad, but did not succeed. 
     Xinjiang Network (Reporter Hao Yu Wei Xiangyang photo coverage) paper products, self-adhesive products, small ads pasted on the swap. Before the end of August, Urumqi Henan Road line 5000 m2 building will be a layer of anti-paste paint brush, designed to combat "psoriasis." 
     Fourth China - Asia-Europe Expo held soon, since entering August, Urumqi High-tech Zone (new downtown) Municipal Authority started a comprehensive environmental remediation special action, as one of the main roads leading to the Xinjiang International Exhibition Center, Henan Road to beautify the surrounding buildings are included in the key areas of remediation. 
     Urumqi High-tech Zone (new downtown) Municipal Authority Qiang Wei said there was in the past on the road on both sides of the transformer box Henan lot of small ads, easy to clean, environmental eyesores. During the Asia-Europe Expo last year, building on the road were two times stucco, stucco three times the local area. 
     Anti-paste coating with water-repellent, oil-repellent and anti-fouling characteristics, long shelf-life time, can reduce treatment costs. Qiang Wei said that the use of anti-paste sections of paint is an attempt, if effective, will be extended to more areas. 
     To ensure the smooth flow of road conditions during the Asia-Europe Expo held recently Urumqi High-tech Zone (new downtown) civilization Committee held a "civilized travel slow block Paul Chang," Knowledge Contest final, high-tech zone of more than 500 cadres competition.