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Anti-psoriasis Xidan "brushing anti-paste paint"

2014/10/9      view:
Reporters chased two teams from the West Chang'an Avenue and West Chang'an Street Office was informed that, in the future, in order to Xidan commercial street in a small ad posted into a difficult task, because those who can stick a small roadside advertising poles, power distribution boxes, etc. have been painted at a high-tech coatings, in five years can not be guaranteed small ad posted above. 
  "These places anti-paste paint brush, small ads did not stick up." Cleaning staff told reporters. 
  According to the person in charge is responsible for this special paint coatings West Chang'an Street Office presentation, on the streets before the poles, telephone poles everywhere, small ads, and even posted a pole layer after layer, there are stickers, there are paint spraying, varied, cleaning up the time-consuming, the effect is not good. 
  After careful research, the Office of specialized investment 110,000 yuan has been transformed, the transformation range includes both sides of the street on the south side of the Xidan intersection to Lingjinghutong West Side. 43 flower beds lamp columns, four transformers, 30 distribution box, 22 light poles, 80 poles, etc., all repainted paint and brush the surface of the small ads release coatings, paint the entire area of 635 square feet total m. 
  After brushing, a small ad easy to stick firmly, easy to clean and even self-fall. 
  It is understood that paint work is completed before the Spring Festival, after half a month of testing, painted after these public facilities to achieve a small ad 100% of non-stick. Xidan commercial street became a small advertising "forbidden zone."