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Japan: Anti-paste coating greatly favored

2014/10/9      view:
Sasebo City, Nagasaki Prefecture in Japan several paint companies jointly developed an anti-graffiti coating, anti-pasted new paint coatings. Sasebo city utility poles and mobile phone base stations are often unscrupulous traders pasted small ads, so the local government quite a headache, the past few years among the government adopted a series of measures to curb similar uncivilized phenomenon, but they have little effect . 
The newly developed anti-psoriasis paint from October 2008 began a comprehensive trial in Sasebo city, trial activities concern all sectors of the city. 
The granular coating adopt international advanced silicone technology irregularly shaped body, according to reports, coated with the coating of the wall to make small ads "daunting" small ads can be easily peeled off after the paste, even without leaving a trace. 
As a test, February Matsuura park in Sasebo City, and nearby police stations Sasebo Tourist Information billboards, telephone poles and other local base stations and brushing the paint, the effect is satisfactory.