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Wild advertising stickers need to clean up 10 minutes 30 seconds

2014/10/9      view:
"Sales Sellers", "mahjong card technology", "engraving Rush", "massage parlors", "rich woman Praying" ...... these wild ad called "urban psoriasis", people shunned. 
City managers and wild advertising tug of war for a long time. Authorities sent, with monitoring, use the "die you call" chasing call, day and night uninterrupted inspections. But advertising is still tenacious wild existence. In this tug of war, the residents of the city do not see results, and scavenger was dragged exhausted. How to curb the wild advertising, this is an old proposition city managers in the New. 
Hair a wild roar fear advertising "doing mile" ran 
December 16, haze shrouded. A man wearing a down jacket in Fengcheng Weiyang Road Cross Rd and back and forth, the car behind him a few more small cards. Reporters view, the original "massage parlors" advertising. Reporters in search of work in the name of the man approached and invited him to drink hot drinks in a Yangkuaicandian. Claiming Chao, suburban people, originally opened in the north of the city along the "Mount", then the motorcycle is stolen, can not find work, begin advertising field. He said their "leadership" called army, Northeast, every morning at 6 o'clock, the army will arrange for people to all kinds of advertising to Xiao Zhao et al, 500 per person per day require hair, supervised, hair was good, wages 50 yuan a day, if there are only lazy receive 40 yuan or less. Each time the streets are not allowed to bring documents, with only a little meal money line, and teach them to say that they are questioning the inspectors encountered "first", the other said they do not know. "Made more than a month, every day, fear, fear of being chased caught, but also fear of being hit." Xiao Zhao said. In addition, he also worried Maeno every ad did not make it been taken away, and once had to pay the printing fee income, so he wore a jacket, did not send the wild advertising tied around the waist, tie inside the pants. 
"When hair wild advertising, what are you most afraid of?" The reporter asked. "I'm afraid to shout! Who roar 'doing mile' under my heart thump." Xiao Zhao said. 
To prove Xiao Zhao said, "fear advertising hair wild shout," the 18th reporter to the streets to experiment. In fenghe Road Cross saw a real estate ad is posted, the reporter was in the bus, opened the window and shouted, "doing mile" wild advertising Sa Tuipao being posted ten meters out after looking back. 
Weiyang a cleaning staff said that if everyone Road indignant roar, they would not dare to openly Luantie up. 
And cleaning staff "talk Conditions" "Can 10 minutes after the tear." 
Deal with the posting of wild advertisers, like starting a tug of war almost every day in staged. 50-year-old Lu month season when the sanitation workers for 10 years, 10 years, her main job is to deal with young and wild along the road advertising. Last June 9, Lu Weiyang Road March race being cleaned wild ads, find new roadside posted "engraving Rush" ad, looking for a while and found that the perpetrator is a disabled person, aged about 20-year-old man. Lu rushed to May season, to receive wild advertising, the result man picked up a large cement blocks on the season to hit Lu months ago, cement blocks grazed ears bled, then suture the 15-pin. Later, the man was taken away by police Daming Palace. 
In fact, this sort of thing often happens around the cleaning staff. Lu month season, said: "In particular, posted 'engraving Rush' advertising, one to seven or eight people, fight, however, could not persuade you advise this person to another person has posted some poster told me to discuss. 'aunt, I can not wait 10 minutes after you posted then tear', I say 'No'. "
Clean up 
More and more difficult to clean cleaners seventy-eight kinds of tools to deal with 
"Wild ads simply issuing from the original posting, developed to use glue, paint, etc., and some even posted very high, more and more difficult to clean up, we invented the seven species of tools to deal with." Lu said monthly tournament . 
"The kind of 'Mahjong skills' wild advertisements will be posted overnight street, in between the two on the third floor, a lot of people curious about this is ye posted up, and we see them in groups of three on surveillance video , hand-held meters long bamboo pole, a small bar at the top of the pole pinned to form a T-shaped, one of them holding the rod, one of the wild ride in the bar ads, another wiping glue, holding the rod by the wild ad lift, sticky on the wall, posted a solid left, posted a maximum of 30 seconds. "Weiyang Subdistrict amenity chief Zhang Jiabao said Conde right. To remove this type of wild ads, they invented the "ladder" is a large retractable ladder with a rope control, cleaner lines insurance rope, climb the ladder, little by little to eradicate. Takes about 10 minutes to clean one. 
Some people use paint or other non-ferrous materials, brick, stone bench, etc. handwritten wild advertising, general water without a net. Cleaning staff who thought bricklayer with angle grinder, this power tool can quickly erase colored advertising, but then brick, stone benches and other damage. 
In addition, blade, bananas, water, carburetor cleaner, paint, small watering can and other cleaning tools. 
The reason 
Management loopholes resulting combat ineffective 
How can fundamentally solve the wild proliferation of advertising? Through visits, the reporter found that the main problem lies in the "Administration": Combating Wild ad unit is attached to the urban management department, they do not control people's power, only to fines or confiscation of illegal advertising, but these people generally do not have any money, nor account other information; cleanup wild ad unit is amenity garden department, they can only clean, no arrests, punishment; while most wild ads are propaganda criminal information, but the public security organs but that "this is chased thing" only "engraving Rush" and is illegal, but they have to reach a certain amount in order to blow. 
Establish wild down search advertising system 
Zhang Jiabao Subdistrict chief of Conde right amenity proposals should explicitly in the law on stickers, spray wild ad punishment basis and subject to increase efforts to punish. 
Public Ma Hongbin, who suggested that the investigations should establish wild advertising system, if it is real estate advertising, advertising and other bath main house there, by the business sector to trace their responsibilities; allegedly do false, the sale of firearms and other crimes, the public security organs should tracing. Where dens or distribute printed reports and verify the implementation were given certain incentives. 
He Stone Mountain 
Shiyan City: In the city streets, each residential area convenient advertising poster set 100 bar, provide a platform for the release of information to the public, businesses. 
Changchun: public security, amenity, traffic and other multi-sectoral alliances, the whole society participation in governance to combat wild advertising. Take six measures to detect, chase caught, punished, sealing machine, clean machine, paint, etc., completely solve the adverse effects of illegal advertising. Datong: Municipal Public Security Bureau for spraying to combat the behavior of wild advertising, arresting illegal workers, investigate Rush dens. Bureau under the responsibility of each other, removing their management of buildings, bridges, street lights, etc. The wild advertising.