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Household cleaners to clean wild ad

2014/10/9      view:
Property preferential advertising, according to a permit to do advertising, promotional advertising ...... Gongjiaozhanpai supermarkets already a wild advertising "disastrous." Reporters learned that the city bus company specialized employ 120 full-time cleaning staff, tour a day to clean up the city's 3500 stop sign, picnic shelters ad 2000 on. 
Cleaners scrub hundreds block stop sign every day 
First tear off a large sheet, then spray on "asphalt cleaner", and finally with a little bit of specialized small shovel shovel clean. 7:00 yesterday morning, a full-time cleaning staff Anxi Fang has been riding a bike, with a rag, a shovel-like tool, nearly 10, went to her area of responsibility, to start the day cleaning work. 
53-year-old Anxi Fang, every job is cleaning Chang'an and shelters along the bus schedule, clear above wild advertising. "Every day is about to scrub more than 140 pieces stop sign, and each stop sign and was scrubbed three or four times," Ann said the master, the person who posted the wild advertising, posting day and night, often cleaning staff "guerrilla." Just finished cleaning a stop sign, turn around to find another labeled, sometimes wild stickers advertising people will deliberately posted to the top of the waiting shed, increasing the difficulty of cleaning. 
Advertising starting nearly 10 wild scrub-like tool 
Reporters learned that these seemingly insignificant little advertising, is not easily able torn. "We have allotted a rag, shovels, alcohol, mops, cleaning agents like tool nearly 10 light cloth there are four, comes with 2.4 meters of extensions on the shovel." Ann master told reporters that this year more and more wild advertising, in addition to a permit category, there are houses classes, supermarket promotional, KTV recruiting class, Praying class advertising, deceptive tactics simply varied. 
"Posted a wild advertising as long as a few seconds, but cleaning up is very strenuous, especially double-sided adhesive tape, clearing one take at least 20 minutes." Ann master told reporters, more than a year to clean her save a lot of experience, "wrote marker cleaned with alcohol advertising, advertising stickers supernatant lotion spray first, then a small shovel shovel down a little bit, sometimes in order to prevent the stop sign on writing impaired, even with a fingernail to pull. "
Average daily cleanup million ad Zhang Ye 
Reporters learned yesterday from the public transport sector, currently a total of 3500 city bus schedule, 2000 shelters because of traffic, these wild places ads continue to emerge. Especially the north-south axis, Changle Road, Yanta Road, Xingqing Road and other high traffic sites, already a wild advertising "disastrous." To this end, the city bus company specialized employ 120 full-time cleaning staff, roving wild card advertisement cleaning stations on a daily basis. 
"General area cleaning staff cleaned three times a day, East Street and other places to clean up at least four times a day, once in the group will be dedicated to deploy clean, with cars, with a barrel of stops wild ads cleansing." Responsible for work related to Li told reporters that the average total cleanup Xi'an bus stop sign advertising a day of wild 13000-15000. 
Advertising sweeping flyover two bags strewn field day 
In addition to the ground falling wild advertising, Kou said the master, the most vexing is the kind with adhesive on the ground, fence, often late at night when no one that is on the paste, remove these ads, it is effort.