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The new anti-graffiti paint to make the city "psoriasis" is no longer raging

2014/10/9      view:
Clean walls, utility poles, etc. was labeled "Rush", "mortgage", "through the water" and other small advertisements, both eyesores and people looked uncomfortable. For years, municipal, urban management and other departments also continue treatment, but the effect is not obvious. Last May, the urban management department has to Xinhua (Regency Street to National Street section) of more than 1,000 root lampposts put "new clothes", after six months of use, now on Xinhua's poles has been basically invisible small advertising, the effect is very satisfactory. 
What does this "new clothes" is it? The original is a new anti-paste anti-graffiti paint. "This coating allows no glue adhesion, that the use of glue, a glue stick, paper ads will air dry after his fall." Yinchuan staff Jia Bowen Trading Ltd. Jiang Peng said. Day reporter saw a small ad posted coated with this paint poles staff was chased on a shot by hand, gently breathe, small ads flew off. 
It is understood that South Xingqing District Urban Management Bureau every day more than 500 people in the process posted on the walls, all kinds of small ads on poles and poles. "On the other side of the wall Sita just cleaned our staff, less than two days and was on the cover if use this paint on the garbage bin, various pillars, railings, the little ads will have no place ! "staff Management Bureau Liu Rui said the next step, the new paint will be applied in Yinchuan more public places and infrastructure.